Artificial Life

Just a disorganized list of links on this topic...

ALife Bibliography (semi-annotated, on-line publications, by Ezequiel A Di Paolo)
Sussex Evolutionary Robotics
Evolution of Behavior for VROOM
Artificial Life software packages
Online ALife Examples (Yahoo)
Zooland "The Artificial Life Resource" (by Jörg Heitkötter)
Artificial Life and Complex Systems Catalogue (by Y. Kanada)
Vida Artificial (en español, Juan J. Merelo)
Artificial Life Syllabus (by Leigh Tesfatsion)
Self-Organizing Systems (SOS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Participatory Artificial Life Demonstration

Artificial Life at HPLB
Philosophy of Artificial Life Bibliography
Artificial-Life Simulators and Their Applications

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